Reporting approach

This online sustainable development report provides a comprehensive view of our approach to sustainable development and our performance in 2013 with regards to environmental, social and governance issues; and is prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 guidelines to a B+ level.

We have applied these guidelines in our annual sustainable development reports since 2009 and believe that these guidelines offer us the best way to present our most important sustainability information in a fully transparent and reliable way.

Guided by the GRI framework for structure and principles of reporting, our report content is defined through various internal and external processes including risk management (see Governance and risk management), materiality assessment (see the discussion on Our material issues within a global context), and stakeholder engagement at various levels (see Our stakeholders). We also report our performance against the sustainability metrics defined in our non-financial reporting system (SIM) for internal and external reporting of key performance indicators, and against the public commitments we made for the period 2011 to 2015.

In Sharing our sustainable future, our printed sustainability publication, we position ourselves relative to global trends that affect the sustainability of our business, and provide examples of how our operations around the world demonstrate our commitments, and help secure a sustainable future for us and our stakeholders.

Our non-financial reporting system (covering safety and health, wood procurement, forestry, environment and energy) has been transferred from our previous database, Moris (Mondi sustainability reporting and information system) into a new system, SIM (Sustainability Information on Miras). SIM is hosted by the same information management (IM) infrastructure as our financial reporting system. The migration project was conducted to improve the integrity and quality of the systems and processes that serve our monthly reporting process, and to ensure consistency and alignment with our financial reporting system.