Training and development of our people at Syktyvkar mill

Mondi’s Syktyvkar mill is located in the Republic of Komi, north-western Russia. The economy of the republic is dominated by fuel, forestry, logging, wood processing and pulp and paper industries.

This is one of the largest mills and one of the largest employers in the region, currently employing 6,024 people, and providing work for many contractors. Our social and economic role in the region is significant, and developing and managing our employees is a key priority.

Olga Fotieva, the human resources (HR) director of Mondi Group Russia, says: “Effective systems, structures and processes are central to this goal – we set common targets, collaborate with each other and take shared responsibility and reward for the end results of HR related projects.” Providing support to line management is equally important. “A manager’s job is largely a human resources one. It’s about involvement, being a role model and leading by example. If our managers understand this, it is much easier to initiate and implement change, manage tensions, engage and motivate people and mitigate certain risks,” explains Olga. Within this, leadership development is a top priority, with the aim of developing our managers’ academic knowledge as well as equipping them with tools for practical application.

The mill runs its own training centre for its employees. This offers training in 18 production professions and provides permits to use and maintain certain equipment. “We focus on multi-skilling. The majority of our employees have several licences and permits, to allow for a mobile and flexible workforce that can move from one area to another,” explains Olga. The training centre has a state licence for its professional training, and the course certificates are recognised across Russia. “Our target is not only to fulfil our needs, but to strengthen the overall potential of the forest industry in the region by addressing industry-wide skills shortages.”

Managers and senior staff are given the opportunity to enhance their professional and personal skills. In 2013 the mill established the Mondi Academy Russia which offers courses in time management, negotiation skills, presentation skills, project management and others. So far the demand has been high.