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Sharing our sustainable future 2013

Sharing our sustainable future 2013 add | open

Mondi Sustainable development report 2013

Mondi Sustainable development report 2013 add | open
Our approach add | open
Our business add | open
Reporting approach add | open
Reporting scope and boundary add | open
Governance and risk management add | open
Our material issues within a global context add | open
Our stakeholders add | open
Letter from the chairman of the DLC sustainable development committee and chief executive officer add | open
Our 2015 sustainable development commitments add | open
2013 performance at a glance add | open
Our actions add | open
Our forests - Operational excellence add | open
Our forests - A focus on our people add | open
A focus on our people add | open
Creating value in our forest communities add | open
Our forests - Ecosystem stewardship add | open
Ecosystem stewardship add | open
Sustainable forestry add | open
Working in partnership towards ecosystem stewardship add | open
Ecosystem Management Plans add | open
Our manufacturing operations - Operation excellence add | open
Operation excellence - Key performance features add | open
Fuel and energy use, carbon emissions and climate change add | open
Water use and emissions add | open
Emissions to air add | open
Solid waste add | open
Investing in renewable energy at Frantschach and Syktyvkar mills add | open
Responsible water management at Merebank and Syktyvkar mills add | open
Green dregs: from waste product to building material add | open
Odour reduction at Richards Bay Mill add | open
Our manufacturing operations - A focus on our people add | open
A focus on our people - Key performance features add | open
Safeguarding the wellbeing of employees and contractors add | open
Our employment practices add | open
Community engagement and corporate social investment add | open
Creating a sustainable safety culture add | open
Community engagement at Stambolijski and Swiecie mills add | open
Training and development of our people at Syktyvkar mill add | open
Our supply chain add | open
Our supply chain - Key performance features add | open
Developing a transparent and responsible supply chain add | open
Securing a sustainable wood supply add | open
Our products add | open
Our products add | open
Our products - Growth through customer-focused development add | open
Our Economic performance add | open
Our future - The road ahead add | open
Supplementary information add | open
Business in the Community: external comment add | open
Data sheets add | open
Data summary: economic add | open
Data summary: social add | open
Data summary: environment add | open
Independent assurance statement to Mondi Group add | open
GRI contents index add | open
Glossary of terms add | open